Slowly removing unused items from different areas of the apartment is a rather satisfying way of feeling productive while packing for a move. I was making dinner yesterday and thinking about what I could take out of the cabinets like plates that I know I won’t be using etc. Then I was thinking about the cabinet and all the stuff that are merely food components but unto themselves cannot be consumed.

We’re actually just about out of salt, but maybe it’s too close to the end, and I’ll have to either get more or look to see if we have a small container of sea salt. There’s still a fair amount of oil in the container we have and there’re a few pots worth of rice left.

I just hate wasting food so much that it would pain me to even throw out any of these sorts of things. We’ll see how this goes in the coming weeks. Though really most of this is non-perishable, so I’ll probably end up taking a lot of it anyway.

The fridge however…