When I packed our DVDs and books, there were quite a few boxes of them and the books were by no means light. Then after we got the estimate from the movers we’re hiring, their calculations without the books meant that if we shipped them all media mail then we’d save around $200. Yeah, no small amount.

Last year I shipped several boxes of DVDs to Anna because she was already in San Diego. The first two were very large and when I took them to the post office in Park Slope (first thing in the morning), the woman behind the counter looked at me and asked me how I got there. I was thinking that had I said “by car” then she was prepared to ask me to take them home. She really actually said that she didn’t think they had room for them.

This was also a few weeks before Christmas, which means they were sure to be processing tons of packages. Yet somehow, first thing in the morning they were almost deciding to not take my packages. Seriously WTF?? If they had seriously resisted I would’ve probably said something like “Okay, well I’ll ship it UPS then” and seen how they reacted.