Actually with my no continuity initiative I’ll probably end up doing some laundry comics because it’s something I forced myself not to do because the characters don’t wear clothes except for the scarf and the very occasional T-shirt.

Yeah, we’re gonna have a lot of winter coats in storage when we go to San Diego. Fortunately, the apartment we’re moving into has a small room that will be perfect for storage! Huzzah!

I’ll miss having the extra pockets though. When I went to visit San Diego it actually got pretty chilly at night time even though it was in the 60s during the day. So my heaviest jacket will stay in storage, but my light to medium will probably still get use. I’m guessing my scarf will stay in storage too.

Kind of sucks because a friend of mine got me a spiffy scarf made to look like an original Nintendo controller. You can bet that I’m wearing that every opportunity I have until I move.