Controllers will probably be amongst the last things that I pack. But the priority is that I borrowed a friend’s copy of “Epic Mickey” which I want to beat before I go to San Diego. Only problem right now is that “Epic Mickey” has a really frustrating checkpoint system.

That is, there’s virtually no checkpoint system and you often find yourself having to redo things if you die which totally sucks. On top of that, what the game DOES remember is that you used up your special items which means that right now I’m totally ill equipped to beat a boss in the “good” way and even doing it the “evil” way is super duper frustrating because the combat system totally sucks and is just not very much fun.

Meanwhile I finally got “Ghost Trick” which is a really fun puzzle/adventure game for DS. I’m sure I’m much closer to beating that game than Epic Mickey even though I only started playing about a week ago.