Once again, this is why New Yorkers don’t go to First Night in Times Square. Mention the prospect of it to anyone who lives here and they’ll instantly start laughing at you. Last Tuesday I was in Times Square because I had to do some post-Christmas present shopping at Toys R Us. I then had to make another stop by Rockefeller Center. By the end of it I was completely physically and mentally exhausted by the hordes and hordes of slow walking tourists in those areas.

Being forced to walk at their snail’s pace was positively excruciating. I always say that there really could be a game where getting through a crowd was the main mechanic. As long as it conveyed the exhilarating feeling of finding the gap in the crowd that suddenly you can walk through at full speed. A special powerup in that game would allow you to briefly fly above the crowd like Chow Yun-Fat in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” I’d play that game.