I was killing some time at the Union Square Best Buy when this happened as I was looking at the iPhones. A girl who must’ve either been in her teens or early 20s comes over to the iPhone display and disconnects the charging cable and hooks it to her own iPhone. Then she starts spazzing out “OH NO! OH NO! Did my iPhone go to iPhone heaven? I think my iPhone went to iPhone heaven!!” Then she reaches for the phone I was playing with and used its charging cable. “Did my iPhone go to iPhone heaven? Oh phew, my iPhone is okay.”

Then she asks me if I’m going to be there for a while, to which I said “No.” She then asks if I’ll be there for 2-3 minutes and I say “I don’t think so.” But was this really happening?? Did she not only think that she could get an appreciable charge on her iPhone in 2-3 minutes and trust a complete and total stranger to watch after it? Did I transport myself from NYC to some Best Buy in the land of trusting people?