At around midnight last night I was out of comic ideas and very close to the end of “Professor Layton and the Last Spector.” At around two o’clock when I was still playing I decided I should put it down and do my comic. There are moments playing Layton games I feel brilliant, but far more often than not I feel like a complete moron now.

It doesn’t help that this game added “super hints” which are the “ANSWER IS THIS, STUPID!!!” hints which you need to spend five hint coins to get to. It pains me to spend hint coins and it’s especially bad because usually my brain is at the point where the first three hints barely help me at all because I was on the right track. So even though I can collect them like mad, I’m also spending far too many and I feel like less of a smart person for it. I wonder, how fast Stephen Hawking could get through a Professor Layton game?

The other “problem” is that the story part of Layton games is so interesting that I have very little patience when it comes to getting to the next plot point. Though as the games have gone on, they’ve been very good about adding more variety to the games. The only cumbersome part is having to revisit old areas and interact with every character again just to see if they have puzzles for you to solve. This desperately needs to be solved in future Layton games.

If I ever have kids and they need help with their problem solving homework, they’re so doomed.