There’s a certain organization out there (whom I don’t want to name because I don’t want to give them more web search results) who said recently that the tanuki suit in Super Mario 3D Land encouraged killing animals for fur. Yeah. This is also to imply that when Mario touches a tanuki leaf which gives him a suit, that the tanuki leaf spontaneously generates a suit made from REAL TANUKI FUR which as we all know are historically known to give Italian plumbers the ability to glide in the air and turn into statues.

You know what? There’s a lot of animal killing in video games, and Super Mario is not the most heinous offender. But this comic is pretty much how I see the meeting going down. Mario is much easier to parody than big budget triple-A video games. That’s also why previous targets were “Cooking Mama” and “Super Meat Boy.” Part of me hopes that the meeting depicted in this comic actually happened, but it would be hilarious.