If you’re a Star Trek fan you might already have seen it, but they just released a new trailer of the first three episodes they’re remastering in HD. They have a few new shots and you can really see the detail in the costumes, props, sets and everything.

One of the episodes they’re putting on the first sample blu-ray is “The Inner Light” which is the famous episode where Picard lives an entire lifetime in a simulated vision of a long dead planet (and learns to play flute!). The shot in question is the last shot in the trailer and you really can see the definition in his hair. They do a nice wipe transition to show the difference, but even still I had to go to Netflix and do some comparing just so I could see how much amazingly better it is in HD.

To the people out there painstakingly rescanning film, editing and redoing visual effects for this HD release I SALUTE YOU!!!