Happy Ultra Pocky Day! At least I’ve been told that November 11th is Pocky day since they’re all ones which could mean they resemble Pocky.

It’s weird to think of how the candy intake as an adult changes so drastically. I think I pretty much do this peanut butter cup thing yearly. If I have a moment of weakness maybe I’ll get another bag of minis, but I don’t think that’s usually the case. Looking back at Halloween night I’ve basically now just simplified the whole experience and purified it to the most important parts. Getting peanut butter cups.

Also in the year 1111, did people even know that it was the year 1111? And were people’s lives so carefree that they could be like “DUDE! It’s 1111, this is the first date like this in a thousand years!! And the next date of pure 1’s won’t be for another TEN THOUSAND YEARS.”