I’m a bit more than two thirds through Professor Layton and the Unwound Future which is the third Professor Layton game for Nintendo DS (trying to beat it because I got the fourth game as a gift for my Birthday). I really love the Professor Layton series which is a game of brain teasers wrapped in a wonderfully unique art style, animation and character designs.

That said, I feel like my brain has only grown more impatient with the puzzles and I’ve found myself more and more succumbing to the allure of the hints when I’m stumped on a puzzle.

The other thing I realized is that familiarity with how the puzzles are usually set up is both a boon and burden at the same time. For example, when asked for a number quantity as an answer I know that it’s usually much lower or higher than my first estimate. Also oftentimes the answer is just so simple it feels like there should be a twist, but there isn’t. This leads to a lot of second guessing and sometimes just plain old brute force answer guessing when I get super frustrated.

Also there are a lot of puzzles where sometimes you literally have to turn things upside down, like a 6 is oftentimes meant to be flipped over to become a 9 in puzzles. Or sometimes they’ll say “Which of these four is the culprit? A, B, C or D?” Then the answer will be some fifth inconspicuous character on screen which you didn’t even realize could be the answer.

Or maybe I’m just getting dumber. Either way, I do a cringe/pee dance whenever I’m not in public and I get an answer wrong.