As of today it’s only two weeks until the release of Uncharted 3. Regular readers will know that I’ve made no secret of my love for this franchise, or maybe I swoon over it so often that you’re just filtering it out.

Anyway, I’ve been playing their pre-release multiplayer beta and regularly reading the Naughty Dog forums. There have been a number of patches since the beta started a few weeks ago and there’s been constant uproar over the game. Some people think it was better during the Summer beta, some think it’s fine. Some think one method of play is overpowered, so changes were made to reduce its strength. Some were satisfied and others thought it didn’t go far enough.

In a nutshell, even when you’re making the sequel to one of the highest acclaimed games of recent history, the vocal minority will still find ways to complain. They’re playing this game now for the cost of a large Coke yet they have an unending sense of entitlement. Most players haven’t even given the game a fair enough shake to determine the difference some subtle game changes did. Yet they post in the forums constantly whining.

All this activity just makes me want to write a letter to Naughty Dog expressing my gratitude for creating one of my favorite games of all time. Dealing with forum users is a completely thankless task because people seldom post to be grateful, and so the developers deserve more love.

If the world were run my way, anyone who wanted to post in a forum would be required to be a forum mod before being a forum user. I think the human aspect of things is increasingly in the age of the internet, free apps and games.

Another requirement I would add for gamers would be that they all watch the weekly series Extra Credits. It’s a fantastic series that analyzes games in ways that few other sites do. In terms of the angle I’ve been ranting about, these are a few good episodes to start with, though really you should just watch them all.

1. So you want to be a game designer
2. Metrics
3. So you want to be a producer.