If you read my comic regularly I don’t think you need to be told that I have a long history as a user of Apple products. Heck, my FIRST COMIC is about wanting an iPod.

Growing up with Apple products for me was largely parallel to the character of Jason from Bill Amend’s strip Fox Trot. Every time Jason got or lusted over a new computer I was usually doing the same.

I don’t remember the very first Mac that I used in elementary school, but it was very large and I used it to play Number Munchers. Later on we used Apple IIgs’ in class. My friends and I figured out how to get into settings and mess with the boot screen colors and screen shape. Also it used 8.25″ discs that could be flipped over. The best games were Lode Runner and Montezuma’s Revenge. In 6th grade we used a 2400 baud modem to communicate riddles with other schools in the country.

My oldest sister had a Mac Plus that she used for college. The keyboard connected to the computer via a telephone cord. I remember in order to run some programs we had to swap out floppy disks as it put programs into RAM because there was no physical hard drive. Then when we got our first hard drive that was around 13 MB!!! The first program I ever installed was “Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?”

In junior high my next Mac was a Quadra 610 which had around 600MB of hard drive space, a 25mhz CPU and it ran Mac OS 7! It was also the first color computer I had at home. Playing Myst was quite a step up from the Mac Plus games.

In high school I had a Power Mac 7200 which was a 120mhz computer with around 3GB of hard drive space. Also it had a separate card that could run Windows on it. I can’t remember if this computer ever ran Mac OS 8, but I definitely downloaded appearance themes so it would LOOK like I was running it. Just imagine, some day you would be able to continue doing other things on your computer while it was doing stuff like copying files!

Then in college I got a Blue/White Power Mac G3 which was 350mhz and this is the computer I did my first video editing on using Premiere and Final Cut Pro. This one for me topped out on OS 9 because the 8X speed CD-burner I installed was non-bootable. This meant I was missing out on the super sexy apps coming out.

When I graduated college I got the 1st generation G5 which I used for SEVEN years before upgrading last year to a new Mac Pro.

Yup, it’s been a long road. I attended the opening of the Apple store in SoHo, went to their theater to watch keynotes. Watched live streams online after I got home from work. For a while I went to the Apple store pretty much after every major product launch. Also I went to the opening of the 5th avenue Apple store with one of my best friends.

While my Apple fanboy-ish tendencies have waned somewhat in recent years I’ve always remained a Mac user even if now I use an Android phone and am migrating my editing software of choice to Premiere Pro. No one knows what will become of Apple now but Steve Jobs created a hell of a legacy that I realize had a huge impact on my life.

Rest in Peace.