We’ve been going to this new bagel place in the neighborhood and so far the only consistent thing has been their inconsistency. There are three guys behind the counter and it’s kind of a crapshoot who you’re going to get and how well they’ll be able to make your order.

I feel like I’m watching the training of the ultimate bagel people. You know, the guys who you yell the order at really fast and they remember it perfectly? Yeah, these guys aren’t there yet. They write down the orders and more often than not I’ve had to repeat myself when I make this order. So yesterday I said it to him really slow so that he had ample time to write it down. When I got home and sat down I found out, my bagel came with a slice of lox, a lot of onions and no tomato. Hopefully they’ve leveled up their memory and bagel skills by next time they take my order.