My mom is by no means in any sense of the word senile. In fact, if you met her you’d probably under guess her age by I’d say 10-15 years. Still though, computers are still hard to grasp even though she can capably word process, email, youtube, stream and Skype. When she was visiting recently she was using a borrowed PC laptop and couldn’t figure out how to save, so she left the document open until she could ask my sister’s husband how to save. He showed her how by pressing the floppy disk icon on the top left.

I told her that Microsoft Word still has a “File” menu on both versions and they should be in the same place. Unfortunately, the “top” of the screen isn’t “top” enough on a PC because of the way the windows are set up. So she didn’t do the next logical thing which was search in the vicinity of the top.

It’s also funny to me that she doesn’t realize she had a PC before. Somehow she doesn’t realize that there are basically only two computers she’ll ever need to know about: Mac and PC (no way in HELL she’s ever going to touch a Linux box).

Oh well, like I said. She can email, youtube, word process and even Skype, so I should probably count my lucky stars.