Tech rumor sites can be pretty ridiculous when reporting about features of upcoming devices or trying to do investigations in order to know what something is going to be before it comes out. Apple rumor sites by far take the cake for the extremes that they go to in terms of abstract facts of things like the iPhone 5. I used to check those sites religiously until I realized that it didn’t really amount to anything, I just needed to know what it was and when it comes out is the best time to know that.

But that doesn’t stop the sites from creating artist renderings, taking photos of battery connecting wires, measuring third party accessories to deduce the form factor of the final product etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if people soaking up this knowledge are planning everything around this device, maybe getting a new wardrobe that will perfectly hold it. Basically like buying stuff for a bedroom when you’re about to have a child. Except that this is just for a phone. Yup.