Yup, ‘ole George is at it again and people are madder than ever. It was stupid before, but then he decided to take the single scene that made the prequels even more laughable than they already were and decided to get some of that action in the original trilogy. I’m guessing in his will, George Lucas has it written that if he goes senile, he will have a visual effects team to constantly retweak the original trilogy until he’s dead, no matter how insane his requests are.

I forgot which edition of the Star Wars DVD I owned, and completely forgot which edition had the original un-altered versions. Unfortunately I have the first box set which means that I’d have to pay a premium for the out of print editions with the original cuts on them. I checked on amazon and that set is going for about $100-$10000 on Amazon (No, that’s not a typo).

It also occurs to me, that kids who were born the 1997 special edition came out are now in their mid-teens. So how old is the average young person who has see the original trilogy in their completely un-altered form?