Sorry for the day late comic, I didn’t get home from PAX until the afternoon and spent most of the day settling back in and resting after the long ordeal it was to get back home.

Sunday morning of PAX I checked our flight status and saw that it had been canceled. We decided to just continue our PAX as planned and worry about the logistics of getting home until later. About halfway through the day I realized it’d probably be better to reschedule sooner rather than later.

I called Priceline and they said that I had to call Delta since my return flight was with them. I talked to a representative of Delta and they said that the earliest flight to NYC they could get me was THURSDAY MORNING. I called Priceline again to see if there was anything they could do, but they said actually I needed to call Continental since the first part of my reservation was with them and they owned the itinerary or something.

Then I called Continental and their automated message in essence said what my comic says, and they disconnected me. So then I called Priceline again to see if they could do anything, but the soonest flight they could find was Tuesday for $1600 EACH!

So after that I just searched for tickets on and by some miracle there was a 1:00 AM flight back to NYC and the price was totally reasonable. I couldn’t believe it but I bought it any way. I scarcely believed that we had the tickets until I was checked in at the airport. Turns out our flight had to leave at 3:45 AM because JFK wasn’t letting planes in until around 12:00 PM.


Oh and Jonathan Coulton was on our flight.