Actually I booted up my copy of “The World Ends With You” before leaving for PAX and I barely have a dozen pins that I hadn’t maxed out yet. Still, there were far more that I don’t have in my collection, but I barely remember how to play this game. Since I did this comic Wednesday night before PAX, I’ll report back with how long it took me to max up my dozen or so pins.

As you read this (assuming you’re reading this the day it was posted and not from the future… future…future…) I’m already experiencing the euphoric bliss that is PAX. This time around I made a list of games that I wanted to try to see on the show floor. Also I finally remembered to get a headphone splitter so that we can listen to something together during the flight. With each PAX we become more and more prepared.

Also this year Anna made TOOOOOOOOOOONS (That’s “tons” not “toons”) of plush! She’ll most likely be doing a post once we get back.