If ever there was a place to use a Harry Potter Time-Turner, PAX would be it. There’s too much to see everything so executive decisions have to be made every single time. Actually this year the number of panels I have in a list to go to is kind of light. Even still, an hour of waiting in line per panel has to be factored in so that further limits how much you can see.

This year I made a list of games that will probably be there that I want to see. I think usually I regret not seeing enough games at PAX because sometimes I’m kind of timid about approaching booths.

Since this will be our second PAX Prime we know what’s in the area like the Rite Aid and supermarket nearby the convention center. So we’re making a shopping list for when we get there and a list of restaurants to eat at when we have time to eat out. Also staying hydrated is something we’re going to try to do better this year because walking around all the time it’s easy to get dehydrated especially with the dry air of the plane, hotel, convention center etc.

By the time you read this we might already be in Seattle. Bring it on!!!