I actually stole this story from my sister’s first earthquake which happened a while ago when she was in Japan. As she told it to me, she didn’t notice the earthquake until her friend stopped shaking her.

My earthquake experience yesterday was pretty boring, but it was still a fun experience. I was at work when I noticed my computer monitors were wobbling a bit and I noticed that I could feel the shaking all around. I turned to my co-worker and he said something like “Did you just feel the building shake?” Then I noticed that it wasn’t just something like the wind or a large truck driving by.

So we all head out of the building. Then lots more people started coming out of their offices with the same look on their faces like “did you feel that too?” Then we started texting, calling and searching Twitter to confirm that it wasn’t just us. After we hung outside for a bit we went back in.

That was my very first earthquake that I ever felt. Until yesterday I had to turn on the news to find out that there was an earthquake because it’s usually completely imperceptible. I’d consider myself satisfied with the experience, and it also reminded me just how little I think about what to do in case of earthquake.