I discovered another keyboard shortcut recently that fits nicely into how I use my computer. I’m kind of embarrassed by how excited I get over new keyboard shortcuts. I literally have a physical reaction because I get so excited. But just think about it, if there’s something I usually do that takes 2-3 seconds suddenly takes only 1, then how much time have I saved over the course of my life? (also assuming the lifetime of the OS)

Usually if you want to open a file using an application that it’s not assigned to open with then you have to drag it onto the dock icon (assuming it’s even in your dock). Turns out you can drag files onto icons in your application switcher when you press Command-Tab (again, assuming that application is already open).

This will be useful for every single time I want to open an MP3 or M4V file because Mac OS wants to open these with iTunes which is never ever ever what I want to open the file with.