Of Gordon Ramsay’s FOX shows I find Masterchef to be the most frustrating. I think the reason is that there are three judges who are all trying to do the exact same thing. Ramsay’s experience on his other shows means that he knows exactly how to do the long drawn out fakeouts that precede the commercial break. But then they have the two other guys who are also trying to do the exact same act if not outright trying to outdo Ramsay. They give the judge’s ambiguous question like “Are you satisfied with that?” which is immediately followed by a very serious look. The intention being to just mess with the contestants and make it more fun to watch.

This just puts it over the top so every five minutes becomes that reality show suspenseful buildup and it’s just flat out annoying now. We all get it, they’re not going to say what they really thing first and they think that the audience will go “OH MY GOD!” right before they reveal that the person’s name they mentioned is actually the winner and not the loser. I also wonder about the contestants. They must’ve seen a ton of these shows, so why are they always surprised at this fakeout? Is it the pressure or is it because it’s rehearsed? Neither would surprise me, but it’s still frustrating to watch.

I used to watch FOX Gordon Ramsay shows religiously, but in the past year I’ve grown tired of their format. A friend first got me into Hell’s Kitchen because of how ridiculous and manipulative the editing is which was the first appeal. Since I’m also a foodie I liked watching it for that aspect too. But eventually I wanted more stuff about the food and less about the human dramas that they were creating for the show. So now I gravitate more towards stuff like his UK show “The F Word” which is all about the food with no drama at all.