Actually if you’re reading this on the day it was posted then the temperature in NYC should be around the 80s, but most of the weekend and last week was in the mid to high 90s if not 100s. We have air conditioning but our bathroom we had the window open which meant that it was at least as hot in there was it was outside. Later we realized this was silly so we just closed the window and opened the door to the bathroom and it didn’t feel like the armpit of our apartment anymore.

Last week we got some popsicles from Sunrise Mart and even though the cashier was nice enough to give us a bag of ice to prevent the popsicles from melting too much, I think they had melted and refrozen before they were even in our hands. Though unlike the Reese’s chocolate, these refroze in their original shape. The only issue being that the syrup had shifted such that the top and side rim of each popsicle was just ice.

Oh and the title of today’s comic is just a small reference to the Xbox Live Arcade game Bastion which I finished my second play through of over the weekend. If you like action RPGs, beautiful artwork and a good story then I’d very much recommend it. I’ll post a full review once I’m finished with it to my satisfaction. I think I’ll probably beat it one more time and try to challenge myself with its arenas.