I had to take the G train to a friend’s place this weekend. For those of you who aren’t from New York, the G train is the only train that goes to and from places within Queens and Brooklyn and never goes to Manhattan at all. The thing is that it’s not used much, the trains are very small (they fill at best 25-30% of the entire platform) and also because of this it’s kind of a dangerous subway system since it’s not highly populated.

Anyway, the G train always takes forever to show up. Finally after what felt like 20 minutes it showed up, went a few stops and then announced that it was the last stop on the train. Actually, they didn’t announce it so much as they treated their microphone like it was an elderly person with a bad hearing aid. This guy was YELLING and the speakers were really freakin’ loud so it was super annoying. I almost wanted to go find the guy and tell him he was way too loud, but that would’ve meant missing the transfer train and maybe waiting another 20 minutes.