For some reason my strip for July 4th 2010 has always received a lot of spam comments. Ever since July 4th of this year started approaching I noticed a spike in spam on that particular post. But I don’t think I’ve looked at that comic in a very long time. When I finally did look at it before doing today’s comic I had the reaction in that last panel.

I’ve mentioned before that while I draw I usually find myself making the facial expressions I’m drawing even though I’m not referencing myself when I draw, it’s just a natural sort of reaction. Here I didn’t really know what kind of face I wanted to draw, but ended up getting it on the first try. I know my drawing isn’t sophisticated by any stretch of the imagination, but I was particularly proud of that last panel because I thought it summed up my feeling perfectly.

Yup, it’s a full year and on the same day I’m basically playing the same game. One could argue that it’s because Uncharted is a great game, and another could argue that I’m not doing anything much different from the year before. Only difference is that I’m unemployed right now and trying to better myself as an editor. Currently I’m interested in learning about color correction which is a great skill for video editors and will be good to know in the future either for my own projects or for getting better jobs.

Uncharted 3 still continues to be fun despite having only two maps and a several modes which mostly surround deathmatch. It’s starting to get a little stale and I’m even thinking of revisiting Uncharted 2 so that I can get some more variety. I think it’s time I write up a blog post and also submit my comments to Naughty Dog on their beta forums.