I know that I’ve used this punchline before (and dammit I can’t find the old comic that used it), but this is my experience whenever I learn a really great keyboard shortcut for software that I regularly use. Without a doubt I’m one of those people who tries to use their computer as quickly and efficiently as possible, and keyboard shortcuts are at the heart of this. I remember when I learned that Command-Up and Command-Down let you navigate folders (learned this from my brother-in-law) and how that totally changed how I used the Finder in Mac OS.

Well this recent one is just for you video editors out there. I was looking at tutorials for Adobe Premiere Pro (since it now seems that Final Cut Pro is not the wave of the future for pro video editing) and found out that holding option while clicking on clips lets you adjust video without affecting its linked audio and vice versa. Previously, I would click the clip, Command-L to unlink them, edit the clip, reselect the video and clip, and relink them. Now I can just click and drag a bit and it’s done.

Call me a nerd, but I had what can only be described as chills when I found this shortcut, it’s that big a deal. Now if only Premiere could add a keyboard shortcut for zooming in on audio waveforms in the source window I’d be great.