This really happened, but it was even more awkward in real life. A guy with a push cart gets on the subway with his wife and shouts out “Can someone give up their seat for my wife???” They both look pretty out of it and they stand by the door. That’s when someone got out of their seat. A woman started going for the seat when this happened. Some people have a funny idea of what manners are.

After a little while the guy was mumbling to himself how tired he was. Then finally he said “screw it, honey, move over. I can sit down if you can just slide over.” Only there were already three people sitting and there was not a space to fit in. It’s not like the three people were skinny enough that they could squish, there was no room at all. But that didn’t stop the guy, so he started inserting himself even though his wife wasn’t moving at all. He just kept saying “Move over… move over! Tell the woman to slide over!” Finally the poor woman the guy was almost sitting on just got up because she could tell that he wasn’t giving up.