Okay, ONE more Final Cut Pro X comic. A friend of mine got his hands on FCP X and very quickly got over his initial excitement for the software. Apple has always been about making stuff for everyone and talking about the experience over the specs. Then on the side they had their pro applications which were as impenetrable as most Pro apps are. FCP X is definitely a change of philosophy and from the reviews it’s clear that they accomplished their mission of pleasing the non-professional editors all of whom have glowing reviews for FCP X.

It’s quite bewildering how Apple is and isn’t supporting professional software. Apple a while ago bought a top end compositing software “Shake” which was used for Hollywood feature films, but then discontinued it in 2009. They also purchased the “Color” app which used to be a $25,000 app and discontinued it in this new generation without rolling its features into something else. With the new release of FCP X they also pulled all support or ability to purchase old versions of the software.

This means that people like my friend are put in the difficult position of not being able to expand their workplace with computers and having to either try to use FCP X or change over to a new software entirely that their staff might not know at all. In the industry time is certainly money and training staff means a lot of downtime, so sure people can stick to the old software for now, but eventually it’s going to catch up and if FCP X hasn’t been updated enough by then, it’s gonna be rough times.