This is a memory I remember very vividly. I had a 14.4k modem when I was 13 and my friend had a 56k modem and I remember when he downloaded the Duke 3D demo and it “only” took him half an hour. I have a vague recollection of what the modem looked like too. Anyway it was super impressive and we played the demo a lot at his house. Not a lot of people owned the full version of many games back then because of all the shareware stuff we’d just play over and over again. Because of that I don’t remember ever seeing much further than the first levels of Duke 3D

The reviews are coming in and people are blasting Duke Nukem Forever because it seems like it’s a game very stuck in the time period it was relevant. I think Serious Sam is the only modern game so far that was able to take an old school game feel and make it relevant today. But if the buzz out there is any indication I’m going to stick with my plan of playing the demo of Duke Nukem Forever and leaving it at that. In a way it’s entirely appropriate since that’s all I really did with the original.