I was talking with Anna about hipsters and I started thinking about what it is they do with their time. I know the stereotype is that they don’t do much of anything but shop, hang out in cafes with their Macbook laptops (SOOOOOO mainstream), and panhandle for the fun of it, but there must be something else that they do, right?

If you told me that the creator of Matroska (aka MKV) the video container format was a hipster I would have very very little trouble believing that, except for the fact that to do something like that you have to be very productive.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best workflow for getting scenes from Blu-Rays onto my new kung-fu fight scene YouTube channel and right now it seems that MKV is the most popular format for ripping Blu-rays into. Problem is that right now only Anna has a blu-ray drive on her computer, and when I ripped a Blu-ray using MakeMKV it was a large file that couldn’t be copied to any of our external drive because of the file system they used. Also, trying to send over IM only allowed 2GB of the 30 GB file. So then I went around looking for tools to split the MKV file and only found command-line programs with no user interface whatsoever.

Yep, great video file format indeed. Totally open, yet works with nothing.