This is me first thing in the morning, but also pretty much all day long. Even my RSS reader is sorted in a fashion to admit that the stuff I read really is very inconsequential. I have a folder of feeds marked “Internet junk food” because I consume a lot of it, but very little of it is stuff I actually need.

I wonder if there are any studies being conducted right now about how the modern technology of the web now permits instant updates without reloading and how that need and desire for new updates of any kind about anything can be very addicting. As if life is super boring if we aren’t constantly receiving new information no matter how insignificant.

On one side there is so much that people do because they have an audience for their creative endeavors, but on the other side so much time is spent checking for “likes” comments and updates for that brief boost of self esteem.

Speaking of which, yesterday I posted this silly music video I made for They Might be Giants’ song “Where do They Make Balloons?” The video is kind of a spiritual successor to my music video for their song “Violin” which is from the same album.