Yesterday was around 80 degrees so I cleaned the filters in our apartment air conditioners only to find out that the fan for the bedroom a/c wouldn’t turn on. Immediately I start imagining throwing out what looks like a perfectly good 2 year old machine out because the repair cost could be super high. I even know someone who fixes a/c’s but this is what I was imagining.

Computers and software at least I know where to start, but with appliances I’m mostly lost. So I did a quick Google search and saw some people suggesting that the fan might be stuck. I wasn’t sure if they were even talking about the same model, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. So I got something to poke at the fan blade and when I turned it on IT WORKED!

That was a relief, because during the process of examining the a/c I was picturing myself as the old dad who thinks he can fix stuff but ends up breaking it making it more expensive to fix when the pro comes over.