If there really were such a thing as a definite last day for the world that everyone was 100% sure of, that would be one crazy scheduling nightmare. This is all assuming of course that society was at all functioning instead of people just going absolutely crazy.

Just imagine though, wanting to go to certain restaurants for your last meals and all the others who had the same idea as you. Also you probably would have to prioritize which friends you could see, and hope that they put you into their own plans so that you could kill two birds with one stone.

I wouldn’t really spend it playing video games, but I sure as heck would try my best to meet up with friends at my favorite restaurants and eat some damn fine burgers, sushi, ramen and a nice bagel with lox. I think I can pretty much guarantee that I would do my best to be absolutely stuffed by the end of that day.

So aside from friends and family what would your priorities be for the end of the world?