Strictly speaking I wasn’t alive before the very very beginnings of what we now know as the internet, but I was certainly alive before its wide adoption. Pretty much knowing anything that is something that only exists on the internet will make you old faster than anything going on outside of it.

There are certain things like 8-track tapes (or just cassette tapes in general) that make someone feel old when younger people don’t remember, but that’s even more extreme with internet memes and sites. It was only a year or two ago that a friend of mine who is only six years younger than me asked me what “Friendster” was. That’s when I got to thinking about what is the minimum period of time something on the internet must be irrelevant before it’s completely unknown by people only a few years younger than you.

Incidentally, there are indeed people who have posted the question “What did people use before Google?” Most of the answers seem to be wise asses saying “the library.” Personally I was an altavista guy because you could use plusses and minuses to hope in vain that it would help improve your results.

Nowadays these kids on my lawn don’t realize that if they just typed the question they submit to Yahoo! Answers into Google, they’d get their answer.