One thing I’ve been doing with my time is learning new software or new tricks with software that I already use. So I’ve been watching video tutorials on There was a time in my life when I would just press all the buttons and see what they did, but gradually software got more complicated and there are so many options it’s more difficult to do it that way. I used to read manuals but that got kind of boring.

Video tutorials are great, but get very restless watching them because usually they repeat keyboard shortcuts and stuff a lot and take a while to get to the point. Great for beginners and people who need to be guided everywhere but I find myself skipping through a lot. I feel like I kind of end up going to the application and pushing all the buttons anyway.

The best way of learning software of course is just pure necessity via some sort of project that requires you to use it. For example, years and years ago I made this very silly video in Final Cut Pro 1 and as a result learned a lot about how it works. Though in retrospect I didn’t understand what the motion blur tab was for at all.