I wish I could get some sort of routine down but right now this is only a very very general framework of what an ideal day is like right now. I definitely do better when I have a routine and also when my work is for someone else instead of myself. It’s much more fun for me to work on stuff for Anna’s site like setting up a new facebook fan page and also organizing files.

I’m trying to use this time productively by also learning some more software that I never bothered with before like parts of Final Cut Studio like Soundtrack and Color which just intimidate me. I’m also learning some more photography software to help me organize Anna’s photos.

Video software tutorials are great, but I have to do a lot of skipping around because every one of them is meant to be shown to someone who has virtually no computer knowledge at all so there’s a lot of explanation of basics like navigating folders and repeating shortcuts and menus that get me bored incredibly fast. Reminds me of when they were teaching us to use AVID in college and I would be nodding off constantly. Good thing about having all this time though is taking a quick nap to recharge in those situations.