Okay, I lied about shutting up about Portal 2. This was just Portal 2 week and I didn’t have much comic material. This is doubly evident because I’m usually not one to give into internet memes like FFFFUUUUUUU which isn’t even one that I’m terribly fond of. I just thought drawing the dude in the style of that guy would look funny.

Anyway, with Portal 2 singleplayer in the bag I wanted to go back on Reddit and Giantbomb.com to see what I’ve been avoiding and read some discussions. Lo and behold Amazon web services had major problems which took down the entire Whiskey Media empire (including Giantbomb) down for the entire day. Reddit was down and in “emergency mode” at best so I was able to get on to look at a few things.

I realize now I isolated myself to avoid Portal 2 spoilers. But now that I’m one of the first to beat it amongst my friends I also must necessarily isolate myself in similar fashion and avoid discussion until my friends have beat it too.