I don’t like most phone games because playing most of them makes me feel like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. I think the appeal of Angry Birds is like Peggle where you have some illusion that what you’re doing is takes any skill at all, but really the game to a degree is playing itself and giving you rewards every step of the way. I mean, every single crushed block gives you points so it’s constant positive reinforcement with pleasing sounds.

I haven’t been an Angry Birds hater by any means, more a person sitting on the sidelines wondering how the heck this game could explode like it has. I tried playing it but couldn’t get past level 10 for a very long time which was very frustrating because there’s no way to skip a level. So I just left it alone for a while.

Then I tried Angry Birds Rio which seemed to have a more level learning curve and also access to the other bird varieties earlier on.  Then I don’t remember how but I ended up finally using the birds properly and suddenly the game wasn’t nearly as hard. It still involves a ton of trial and error but I “got” it. Still, despite my new found knowledge of the mechanics of Angry Birds, part of me still feels like a cat playing with a ball of yarn.

Also, Dude’s disembodied head looks totally creepy.