If you’re not following me on twitter then you may have missed the relaunch of Anna’s blog which I spent the last month completely redesigning from the ground up! I used the WordPress Thesis theme which made a lot of things a gajillion times easier, but it was still a long process. I’m not a PHP or CSS expert so a lot of the process involved me going to the forum, cutting and pasting code I thought would work, seeing that it doesn’t work, and going back to the forum to look for another bit of code.

When I finished I realized that in Internet Explorer 8 that things were broken, but since I’m on Mac OS X I can’t just open IE 8 and debug. I’ll have to use my Windows emulation to do it or just run screaming to my web design friends. I understand that this is basically how it works with web design. Every other browser does things all nice, but Internet Explorer still just has to do stuff differently which messes everything up.

All in all though I’m extremely proud of how it looks and I think the site is so much more fun to use and really shows off the plush toys and bento boxes like they deserve to be. Please check it out! If you haven’t looked yet then this is the best time, it’s very easy to spend a big chunk of your day looking at photos and reading posts.