SITE IS BACK UP! It’s been a frustrating weekend, but finally our websites have been unsuspended, but I still have very little information about precisely what the problem was. All I was told was that I had a lot of spam on my blog (unapproved) which was overloading the servers. I deleted the spam right away, but they still took the sites down. I’m not super versed in the ways of the web, databases sql etc, but logically to me it seems like the server load would be the spammers sending in spam, not when it’s sitting in the database unapproved and not being looked at by anyone. Or does it still get loaded every time I open my WordPress admin? Anyway, hopefully this ugly incident is behind me forever. Onto the comic…

For those of you who didn’t see the Academy Awards last night there was one clip from “True Grit” used during the sound mixing category which looked like it was just about the most spoilery shot they could’ve picked. Seriously. It was like if Soylent Green was the movie nominated and they used the clip of Charlton Heston yelling “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!”

I’ve only worked at a few places in editing, but it’s almost universal that editors are movie buffs. It strikes me as incredibly unlikely that a movie buff would do such a thing as pull the absolutely most spoilery shot possible to broadcast on TV for a movie which isn’t even available on home video yet. It still happened though, and the friends of this person who haven’t seen True Grit yet are surely upset at him right now. Seriously though dude, not cool.