We passed a guy who rather hopelessly was eyeing his car. He jokingly said “Wanna help me dig out my car?”

Yesterday’s comic turned out to be even more of an understatement than I thought when I first wrote it. Estimates were that we got hit by 20 inches of snow. But looking at the sidewalks you could’ve told me we got hit with three feet of snow and I’d believe it. We took a short walk and saw many a stuck car and some cars get stuck while we were out.

There was one of those trucks which is a driving billboard that we saw, and by the time we got home, it had only moved two blocks at best. I was kind of disappointed that the snow wasn’t actually good for making snowballs (the snow on our window sill was perfect because it had been in the sun which made it more shapeable) but it was still fun to walk through the snow and make some new footsteps.