It’s been somewhat difficult getting back into our routine at home because we’ve both been so busy with the Japan trip blogging, photo organizing and me doing some side video projects for fun. Also, we felt obligated to finish the pork shoulder we had for Thanksgiving because we didn’t want it to go to waste, which meant finding ways to use the pork with something else. We ended up using it to go with some dehydrated ramen for several meals 😛

Our last bowl was ramen with pork meat, pork stock from boiling the bones and also brown eggs that were soaking in the stew I used to cook the pork skin in. Yep, we’ve been eating pretty much no meat except for pork for about two weeks. Oh, and we went to Minca on Friday which of course is tonkotsu ramen with slices of pork belly.

As for my seemingly deteriorating hygiene, I’m still not worried about becoming “that guy” because “that guy” has stopped caring so much that they don’t clean up when they have human contact coming up in their near future. Thankfully, I can’t imagine letting myself go to such a degree.