I haven’t eaten that much instant ramen in my life. In fact I’ve messed up the process a few times by not following instructions on the more elaborate instant ramens from Japan (usually be adding ingredients in the wrong order and forgetting to time it).

Because of this I’m not aware of the going rate for instant ramen, but after this I have a much better idea. I bet I looked like a total instant ramen n00b to the Koreans who run the veggie market by my place.

Oh and yes, I had pork for Thanksgiving. Last year I went home, but since I had just got back from Japan and we had lots of blogging and stuff to do I decided to stay home this year. Last year while I was away Anna made this pork shoulder that she saw on Working Class Foodies. We decided to do it again this year to delicious sweet and savory pork success. Speaking of cheap food, an 8lb pork shoulder for $11 is like, pennies per meal 😛