The local news was on, and there were at least two segments that I saw where they brought an “expert” in to discuss Thanksgiving dinner. First of all, I hate it when they bring in an “expert” on something that is not something that a person can really be called an expert on.

These “experts” gave the example of situations like if a relative or friend is more successful than the rest of the people present, then those people will obviously be jealous and be grinding their teeth the entire time. Yup, there’s absolutely no way that these people could be happy for them, they WILL be jealous.

Or if some meal that someone makes tastes disgusting, the expert advised to just eat it and compliment how delicious it is yada yada. Basically it was a lesson in how to be fake and that you SHOULD be fake to your friends and relatives who you don’t like. To think that this isn’t even on a 24 hour news cycle station, imagine the b.s. those channels have to come up with to fill the time.