Actually we haven’t eaten any of our delicious instant ramen since we got back. We still haven’t gone to hip and trendy Ippudo (we considered going to the location in Japan) but we did have their brand of instant ramen while we were in Japan which was very good. Ramen aside, I will confess that I have a bag of Hershey’s nuggets sitting on my desk and a bag of kisses in the kitchen. Oh yeah, and there are some Smarties that Anna bought to make her Costume Quest bento. We’ll get back into the cooking groove at some point. Anna made tarako spaghetti yesterday and tomorrow we’re going to Minca since we’ve been dying to go there since we got back to NYC. I should take a shower now.

Blog posts for our trip are starting to trickle out! There’re sooooo many photos to go through, plus I’m doing my best to add silly captions for as many photos as possible. During the entire trip I was thinking up the things I wanted to say about each photo. Check out the links below!