Before I left for our trip to Japan I went online to the Post Office website to have my mail held while I was away. I know I don’t get a lot of mail, but since we were going to be gone two weeks I thought I’d play it safe. I checked the box saying that I’d pick up the mail at the post office. When I left to pick it up I stupidly didn’t check my mailbox and went to the post office.

When I get there the woman at the counter gives me a handful of envelopes. I was surprised, because I figured I’d at least have some FiOS and Triple Play junk mail offers. Then I realized it was mail for various different people in my building. I go back to the counter and she tells me that’s all they have in the held mail bin and that the mail carrier has probably already delivered my mail. I didn’t check the “deliver mail” option for when the hold mail period ended because that would functionally mean not holding my mail!

Seriously though, shouldn’t this person get in trouble for giving me the mail of a number of other people who aren’t me?