I had an urge to eat cereal recently so I figured I’d go back to my old favorite which was bite sized frosted mini-wheats. Actually, the supermarket was out of the regular kind so I got the maple and brown sugar flavored which I was worried might give me a stomachache because I’m not good with sweet stuff in the morning. It ended up being okay, but I’d prefer the regular kind. Turns out that a lot of cereals that don’t come in multiple colors still have as much if not more sugar than the ones that turn your milk blue.

My favorite discovery was Wheaties: Fuel which in addition to being a really stupid name also has 2-3 more grams of sugar per serving than even stuff like Cocoa Pebbles or Froot Loops. I also made a quick google search and discovered a packet of sugar is usually around 4 grams. That means that a pretty sugary cereal has three packets worth of sugar in a serving and a can of Pepsi has TEN O_O