When the average person hears “brown eggs” they think about brown shelled eggs at the supermarket as opposed to white shelled. When I hear “brown eggs,” I think of these flavored hard boiled eggs from Asian cuisine. My mom made them since I was a kid and at first I was hesitant, but eventually I learned they’re absolutely delicious.

What prompted this comic was our biweekly trip to Minca (link has photo of ramen with a brown egg). Every time we go to Minca we see people who aren’t eating their brown eggs presumably because they’re afraid of it. As they liked to say in X-Men: “People fear what they cannot understand.” When I see people not eating it I always want to take this delicious ball of goodness away from their unworthy taste buds.If you think about how long it takes to prepare these things it’s extra tragic! Seriously, do they think the restaurant is trying to trick them into eating something disgusting?

“We’ll trick the non-Asian people into eating this one gross thing in an otherwise delicious meal. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!”

I remember when I was little and my 2nd grade teacher was reading The Witches during story time there was a bit about a kid who got turned into a chicken who laid brown eggs. Since I was used to flavored brown eggs I thought those were the kind of eggs this chicken was laying and that sounded like the awesomest thing in the world.

Not all brown eggs are created equal. The ones at Minca are probably the brownest and most flavorful I’ve seen next to my mom’s own. Some ramen places will have them and you can tell they didn’t stew for very long. There are some alternate ones like tea eggs and soy eggs but those have entirely different flavors.