Actually I don’t mind not spending money, but I am feeling a little bit of cabin fever lately. I think a problem I’m having is that there are so many things that I want to do that it’s hard to concentrate on just one.

Currently I’m playing with Metal Gear Solid 4 footage cutting down the horribly paced cutscenes. Not sure exactly how watchable it’ll be when I’m all done, because it’s becoming clear that part of how the very slow cutscenes are broken up are with the gameplay which even if not action oriented is exciting in its own way. So when you cut out the gameplay and there’s no actiony cutscenes then it becomes clear just how much freakin’ exposition there is in the story. Hideo Kojima seriously needed an editor.

Oh, and with all this footage at HD on my computer I fixed up my MGS4 trailer so that it’s HD and one of the dialogues doesn’t have background noise anymore. Can you spot the line of dialogue I’m talking about?